Brian's G-Netik IV Pro

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  • The Brian's G-NETik 4 senior goalie trapper is the newest version of the Brian's G-NETik line, and brings the best feel and closure the line has ever had. Still sporting Brian's Made in Canada quality, the company has taken some key features from the Opt1k line to make the G-NETik that much better.
  • The biggest feature that the G-NETik IV catch glove brings from the Opt1k line is the BOA attachment strapping. The BOA allows for unparalleled grip on the hand during play, and the ability to fine tune exactly how tight the glove should feel both at the wrist, and the backhand. The locked in attachment works with the trapper design to provide a game ready closure that any goalie will love after getting it in their hands.
  • The GNETik 4 still retains the feel and catch angle that made the glove so special however. The 35 degree catch angle provides a surface area that is easy to square to the puck no matter how the goalie holds their hand. The G-NETik 4 trapper also offers a nash palm to help slow the rotation of the puck if it makes contact with the palm rather than the pocket.
  • The pocket itself is a double T option that presents a huge surface area to the shooter and helping with puck retention and pop outs. The true one piece design of the trapper ensures that the trapper will not flex and allow the puck to roll into the net if the puck contacts the cuff.
  • The G-NETik 4 glove takes the best parts of both the G-NETik line feel, and the modern conveniences of the Opt1k line to provide a trapper that any goalie would love to call their own.