Bauer Vapor 1X Lite


SKU: 17083400

The first model was so light it felt like nothing. The 2018 model feels 15 grams lighter than nothing. Difficult to conceptualize, but Bauer’s Vapor 1X Lite hockey stick feels like the stuff of dreams. The Vapor line is designed for quick release, and with upgraded QRT+ technology, this Elite Level stick is no exception. It also benefits from new ACL tech. ACL stands for advanced carbon layering and entails the strategic placement of lighter carbon layers to assist in augmenting durability without sacrificing the lightweight nature of the stick design. The improved Vapor 1X Lite from Bauer is a thing of beauty to behold – but barely feel like you’re holding it. Check it out at your local Source For Sports.


  • Fused 2-piece construction
  • MaxBalance blade construction
  • AERO FOAM I blade core
  • Pure Shot blade profile
  • 3K carbon composite construction
  • QRT technology
  • Micro Feel II shaft dimension
  • Double concave walls

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