Warrior Covert QR Edge Superlight


SKU: 18087785

The Warrior Covert QR Edge Superlight Intermediate stick is the latest rendition of the QRE line, combining the loading and explosive quick release in a super light stick construction.

The QRE SL features Warrior's angular edge taper that focuses the energy of the flex through the hosel, maximizing power and release speed. Along with the Minimus Carbon 1200 Ultra-Thin 12k high strength, lightweight flat weave carbon composite design, the stick has enhanced feel and playability. The Pro CorTex Grip brings a textured surface with a tacky soft grip keeping your hands in place and your mind in the play, not thinking about the stick.

The True 1 Phantom SL creates a Superlight blade with a smooth, strong flex arch. This will give you more control and feel with the puck on your stick, while reducing the weight.

The straight sidewalls and rounded corners on the QRE SL maximize contact with the stick. The super low kick point on the shaft brings one of the quickest releases and best puck feel on the tape in the market. Unleash a wrist shot quicker and harder past any goaltender.

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