True Catalyst 5X Jr.

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Catalyst line of sticks, True wanted to make a stick that was more responsive, more durable, lighter and more usable. They packed a lot of tech into the Catalyst 5X goal stick with a redesigned flex point, improved impact strength and increased durability all while making it one of the lighter midline sticks on the market.

Shaft Construction
The 5X uses a square corner, double concave shaft which is made using a new Precision Laminate Design layering system. This construction method angles the carbon layers in a way that increases the strength and durability of the shaft while reducing the overall shaft weight.

Paddle Construction
The Catalyst 5X sticks use a newly redesigned braided rib technology throughout the paddle and blade. These braided sleeves work to provide better vibration damping on shots and when playing the puck along with increased durability and a less blade-heavy feel. The 5X also has a new mid kick profile that loads easily and offers better control of the puck at release.