Bauer Vapor 1X LE


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Everyone has heard of the Bauer OD1N skates… sadly though, these may never come to the market. What we can offer you is the Bauer 1X LE skates. Taking technologies from the OD1N labs helping to further reduce weight and improve fit, the 1X are dangerous for anyone playing against you.

A boot construction with an aluminized composite upper and Curv ankle support set a new standard of on-ice performance. The Aluminized Curv composite shell reduces weight compared to the standard Curv found in the APX2 and others and on the inside a slip of Curv composite on the ankles provide better support and a stiffer shell to allow more power transfer. As well, an updated X-Rib heel pattern improves the heel and ankle lock which allows you to turn tighter and cross over quicker.

Sticking with the injected lacing pattern found on the APX2 to provide better durability and more conformity when tying your skates you are sure to keep a snug fit. A combination tongue accompanies the lacing pattern with both 52 oz. and 40 oz. thickness’ to improve the integration of the foot and boot and sheds weight. As well, a Curv composite insert in the metatarsal guard provides a higher level of protection and increased support. The 37.5 Technology liner helps regulate your body temperature and uses the heat produces from your body to speed up the drying times and help you feel secure and in complete control through the whole game. Typically 37.5 Tech fabrics dry up to 5x faster than similar liners.

Moving down the boot, the Bauer Speed Plate insoles feature a recovery alloy that provides you with a revolutionary customized fit that can be moulded time and time again with no ill effects. The Speed Plate insoles mould directly to you and increase the contact area between your foot and the outsole of the skate enabling better balance and stability at all speeds.

A full carbon outsole with ventilation provides stability and reduce torsion of the skate when striding and the Bauer Lightspeed Edge holder sits 3mm taller than the previous Lightspeed 2 to tighten the turning radius of the skate. Tuuk Lightspeed 4 steel accompanies the holder and offers an elite grade of steel with a superior finish for stronger edges. It also provides an additional 3mm of height for tighter turning again, without bottoming out.

The 1X LE includes a sweet new 'blacked out' graphic! 

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