Bauer Supreme S170 Grip LE


$89.99 $109.99
SKU: 16077029

The Bauer Supreme S170 LE sticks provide a good feeling stick with lots of performance at a mid range price. The addition of a limited edition grey, orange and black graphic really make them pop off the shelf.

The shaft of the sticks are made with a basket weave composite construction and feature Bauer’s MPK kick point technology. This lets the stick flex for a maximum power increasing the velocity on all your shots. As well, the shaft boasts double concave shaft dimensions to improve the feel when gripping the stick. A griptac grip application is used on the shaft for improved control and to reduce twisting in the hands when shooting and passing.

The blade of the stick has features a 3K carbon composite blade wrap for increased rigidity to improve accuracy and encases a dual density blade core. The dual density blade core helps improve feel and responsiveness of the stick not only when shooting, but when passing as well. 

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