CCM Ribcor Titanium '16


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We have added components to the CCM RIB 47K hockey stick model to create our Source Exclusive CCM Ribcor Titanium stick. The 4 Corner Grip improves control when shooting and stick handling. Your hands will stay put on the Ribcor Titanium, so there will be no loss of power when you connect with the puck and take your shot. Coupled with the Guided Blade Technology, you will have increased feel for the puck when passing and receiving giving you accuracy and precision.

CCM Ribcor Titanium hockey stick based off the CCM Ribcor 47K hockey stick. Available exclusively at Source For Sports. We Know Our Stuff.


  • Construction: POPMATRIX TECHNOLOGY - Performance fibers are constantly in tension for a quick and efficient power transfer and loading while being protected by the outer layers

  • Blade: ASCENT BLADE - New optimized stiffness profile that goes from softer in the heel to extra stiff at the toe for a great combination of feel and quick release.

  • High Loading Ratio: POWER TAPER RATIO OF 3:1 - More vertical stiffness means that less energy is wasted down into the ice and more energy is transferred all the way through to the blade.

  • Kick Point: LOW KICK POINT - Easy to load for a quick and suprising release.

  • Weight: 480 Grams


  • 4 Corner Grip

  • Guided Blade


  • 75 - P28/P29/P38

  • 85 - P28/P29/P38

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