Adidas Ace 16.2 Prime Mesh FG


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These shoes are incredible. When we first saw them we thought we had time traveled to the future. The Adidas ACE 16.2 Prime Mesh Firm Ground Cleats are like nothing you have ever seen before. These shoes have everything. They are not designed with a specific skill or player in mind, but every skill and every player. They will sharpen every tool you already have in your game. So take a trip to the future and purchase your pair today.
What can we say about these shoes? They are incredible! Adidas is really making a bold statement to the soccer world with the release of these shoes. The design is so unique it might take you a minute to grasp it, but once you do you will fall in love just as we did. The shoes did not sacrifice comfort for any of the other amazing qualities it has. The back of the shoe has a stiffer synthetic material for added stability. The Prime Mesh material used is the main event though. This stuff will give you the speed of Messi, the quick feet of Ronaldo, and the rocket shot of Rooney. They have everything!

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