Adidas Messi 16.3


$74.99 $99.99
SKU: 16076965

Upper especially developed to trick the opponent
Messi 16.3 is made with a microfibre upper, that mimics the abilities of the Agilityknit. You get a tight and comfortable fit. The upper is designed to be as thin as possible, to create a responsive touch. Every movement you do, is transferred directly to the ball - creating a feeling unlike anything else. Thanks to this, your feet are offered the best possible condition to perform, in quick turns and at explosive speeds.

Integrated tongue and comfortable heel
An integrated tongue ensures you get an excellent fit, helping you get that crucial lockdown so you en unleash your explosive agility. The heel design is anatomically shaped for a comfortable fit, around the heel area. With Messi 16.3 you are in full control, even when doing twists and turns.

Weight: 251 grams.

This indoor shoe has a non-marking sole and is for polished indoor surfaces

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