AK Reusable Fabric Face Masks

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Cotton - Polyester Inner Layer

100% Polyester Outer Layer

Stretch Fabric Loops that fit around the ears

Reusable double layer fabric face masks (non-medical grade). Made of a cotton and polyester inner layer and 100% polyester outer layer with polyester stretch fabric loops that fit around the ears. Carefully researched, evidence based, and thoughtfully designed.

These reusable fabric masks are NOT direct substitutes for surgical or procedural masks. However, wearing masks have been shown to help stop the spread of COVID-19. These masks are made with the intention of personal use and are not to replace medical grade protective equipment.

Disclaimer: Mask is intended for non-medical grade use. Athletic Knit and/or London's Source for Sports make no warranties that this mask can protect against the transmission of all viruses or bacteria.

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