Bauer Vapor Flylite 30 FLX JR


SKU: 190899740047


The Bauer Vapor Flylite Grip Hockey Stick is inspired by the Vapor ADV stick. With advanced carbon layering, this stick is extremely light and does not sacrifice durability. The Bauer Vapor Flylite Grip Hockey Stick comes complete with XE Taper technology that decreases weight while improving release speed and stability. On the end of the stick is the optimized blade which has a thicker geometry to improve durability once again. This paired with the TeXtreme shaft and blade gives you an extremely lightweight and high performing stick.


  • Level: Elite
  • Shot Technology: XE Taper Technology
  • Shaft Technology: Lightweight Asymmetrical TeXtreme construction, ACL Technology; Micro Feel II shaftdimension; DuraFlex Resin System
  • Blade Technology: ACL technology; AERO-SENSE 2 blade core; Pure Shot blade profile
  • Construction: Monocomp technology

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