Bauer HDO Deluxe Visor


SKU: 1254468

With the Bauer HDO Deluxe visors you can see every puck, pass and play more clearly with the High Definition optics featured. The HDO Deluxe features a concave lens with a nose cut out and strategic venting to help players have an unobstructed view and improved breathability. The Deluxe visors also come with an enhanced exterior anti-scratch coating for extended durability and works seamlessly with the polycarbonate construction and interior anti-fog coating.

Another cool feature is the two piece construction of the HDO Deluxe visors. An ultra-light tinted polycarbonate frame requires no side straps to lock the visor in place and replaceable lens allow you to save money and replace only what needs to be changed. As well, Bauer has patented a “Quick-Click” features to allow tool-less replacements of the visor if you need to change lenses mid-game. 

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