Bauer IMS 11.0 Combo


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Introducing Bauer’s IMS 11.0. This aggressively styled helmet—available in two-tone customized color options—features the SEVEN TECHNOLOGY liner system and PORON® Performance Cushioning XRD® Extreme Impact Protection foam to manage high-energy and low-energy linear forces.Experts state that concussions are mainly due to Acceleration or deceleration of the brain, and helmets may not prevent concussions caused by these forces.


Game Day Protection:

  • Patented Seven Technology impact attenuation liner system

  • XRD Foam

  • CSA, HECC, CE certified

Customized Fit:

  • ProFit 2 system 15 point micro adjustment

  • Ultra compact design

  • Tool-free adjustment


  • Improved liner ventilation

  • Lower profile

Bauer IMS 11.0 Combo:

  • IMS 11.0 helmet and IMS 11.0 facemask

  • CSA, HECC, CE certified


  • XS, SXS, S, SMD, M, ML, L

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