Bauer Nexus 1N


SKU: 16076715

The success of the Nexus 8000 skate provided Bauer with a great footing to build the Nexus 1N skate off of. An innovative new injected stability lacing system on the boot allows for greater forward flex and features lace locking eyelets. As well, a change in quarter package, tongue and foot bed offer performance you’ve only wished to see in the line thus far.

The quarter package is made up of the top end 3D-lasted Curv Composite which provides extreme stiffness and performance while reducing weight. As well, Total edge comfort pads line the top of the boot to reduce abrasions against the leg when turning and integrated wear pads on the liner increase overall durability of the skate. Around the ankle on the inside of the boot, lightweight memory foam pads replaces traditional anaform foam for a personal fit and mould. Identical to the 1S, the Nexus 1N uses a 37.5 technology polyester liner to keep the skate at a ridiculously low weight and provide moisture wicking technology using your sweat to dry the liner.

Keeping true to the Nexus fit, the 1N offers a volume fit that provides a tight heel with extra volume at the instep and through to the front of the skate. The tongue of the skate features Bauer’s Form-Fit LITE 52oz/40oz combination tongue with black felt. A curv composite insert is also featured on the tongue to reduce binding and lace bite, adding to the comfort of the skate. The Bauer Speed Plate insoles feature a recovery alloy that provides you with a revolutionary customized fit that can be moulded time and time again with no ill effects. The Speed Plate insoles mould directly to you and increase the contact area between your foot and the outsole of the skate enabling better balance and stability at all speeds.

Moving down the skate, an ultra lightweight vented composite outsole provides stability and reduce torsion of the skate when striding and the Bauer Lightspeed Edge holder sits 3mm taller than the previous Lightspeed 2 holder to tighten the turning radius of the skate. Tuuk Lightspeed 4 steel accompanies the holder and offers an elite grade of steel with a superior finish for stronger edges. It also provides an additional 3mm of height for tighter turning again, without bottoming out.

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