Bauer Nexus 2N


$599.99 $799.99
SKU: 18085896

It's 2018 and the new Bauer Nexus 2N skate has arrived. Replacing its predecessor, the Nexus 1N, the 2N has added some key upgrades to the model while still maintaining the Nexus heritage that many of us have grown so fond of.

The quarter package of the boot is composed of a 3-D Curv? composite outsole with a Hydra Max 2 lining material. This allows for optimal protection and quick evaporation of moisture. The tongue of the boot is composed of a 2 piece 48oz felt with a high density reinforced metatarsal guard to offer a healthy balance of comfort and elite level protection.

The footbed of the skate is form-fit, and features grip stabilizers to lock your foot in place. The boot also has ventilation ports located on the underside of the boot to maximize airflow, keeping you as dry as possible.

The 2N also offers the Tuuk lightspeed edge holder, and uses the LS2 (sizes 3-3.5), and LS3 (sizes 4-12) stainless steel, patented by Bauer.

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