Bauer Nexus Havok JR


SKU: 180861530011

The Bauer Nexus Havok is a terrific mid-level stick for those playing casual hockey or are looking to improve their skills. The Havok is part of the Nexus family of Bauer sticks and is built with shot forgiveness and versatility in mind.

The Havok features the signature Nexus mid-kick flex profile with Sweet-Spot technology. Along with a forgiving flex profile, the shaft has tactile corner grip for extra control. The shaft is built with UD carbon fiber and is attached the blade using a fused 2-piece construction.

The Havok blade has AERO FOAM blade core technology with a Pure shot blade profile and MaxBalance blade construction. An exclusive upgrade to the Havok, the blade has a 12K carbon wrap for improved performance and durability.

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