Bauer Nexus Havok


SKU: 180861550026

The Bauer Nexus Havok sticks are a Source for Sports exclusive model based off of Nexus N8000 Sticks and feature upgraded performance and a unique graphic. The Havok sticks use Bauer?s Sweet Spot Technology to provide a bigger kick at a mid-point along the shaft. Bauer has re-engineered the use of carbon fiber within the structure to allow for an easier and smoother energy transfer while shooting. This is maximized while taking mid-motion wrist shots and slap shots.

The blade is upgraded to 12K carbon from 3K helping to increase strength by 10% in addition to increasing durability, responsiveness and feel. This carbon wrap encases an AERO FOAM 3 blade core which provides great feel and two different densities of foam to keep the blade rigid when shooting. As well, the Nexus Havok sticks feature an asymmetrical chrome graphic to set them apart from other sticks.

Source for Sports exclusive upgrades include a 12K carbon blade wrap and an asymmetrical chrome graphic.

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