Bauer Supreme 1S


SKU: 17080633

Following up on the popularity of the MX3, the Bauer Supreme 1S elbow pad has launched to give players the first elbow pad combining Powerlite technology with Curv composite. This pairing will provide you with extreme protection in all key areas while remaining snug and comfortable. Powerlite is a lightweight moldable foam that has been introduced to the elbow cap to contour to the shape of your body for the ultimate close-to-the-body all while keeping the anatomical fit of Bauer's Supreme line. That fit is only enhanced with the integrated Sleeve Lock technology to help secure the elbow pad in the right position to increase stability and performance by having the padlocked in place.

Curv composite has been added to the two areas of the 1S Supreme that suffer the most impact, the elbow cap, and the forearm guard. This addition will give you high levels of lightweight protection from slashes, falling on the ice, or getting checked into the boards. The bicep guard features molded Vent Armor foam to give you additional protection and breathability, but also an ample amount of flexibility to keep a premium on player mobility.

FleXorb technology, a combination of Bauer's XRD and G-Form materials, has been built into the interior elbow joint to give you impeccable feel and protection. All this is done while a 3-strap system with an anchor and overlock strap keeps everything locked in place. Finally, Bauer's 37.5 liners will keep things dry, lightweight, and fresh by using your body's own heat to evaporate sweat.

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