Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Jr.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Jr.

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The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro for 2018 replaces the Bauer Supreme 1S which arrived in 2016. While keeping a similar look, many new features have been added to keep those dedicated Supreme followers interested. The Bauer Supreme line is a proven model, specifically catering to the Mid Profile foot shape. That fit story has not changed and has only improved.

The Bauer 2S Pro is the first player skate to feature LS5 Carbon-coated steel. This is something we have been eagerly waiting for Bauer to release. For years we've been aware of the benefits that carbon-coated steel offers, and it was only a matter of time before this material was stock on elite skates.

In our testing, the LS5 steel had what seemed like an increase in edge bite. With that said, you could drop to a shallower hollow to take advantage of increased glide while maintaining the same amount of control. Combine increased sharpening life with improved performance and this steel is a worthwhile upgrade.

3D-lasted Carbon Curv Composite. Bauer's patented boot material is thermo-moldable and ultra-lightweight without sacrificing protection. Thermo-moldable composite is a standard these days, but Bauer's current iteration of the Curv material is one of the best we've seen.

The Reflex Pro Tongue offers a three-piece, 52oz felt tongue with moldable inserts. We can honestly say the skate provides a customizable fit inside and out with this swanky new feature. The base is a mix of both white and black 52oz felt. The two-tone felt offers a nice contrast, and you avoid the "weathered" look of a well-used white felt tongue in the lower boot.

The facing of the tongue has composite moulded inserts that offer added protection without sacrificing mobility. You'll recognize this design from the 1X right away, but there is a new addition. The yellow inserts in between the composite inserts are intended to help spring your foot back to neutral when in a forward flexion position.

Bauer changed its eyelet system to add three additional options in-between the top 4 eyelets. The new three eyelets are a bit closer to the ankle bone and are offset with the top 4. This allows you to customize your lacing style to optimize comfort and performance. The primary purpose of the extra eyelets will be to snug up the fit for someone with smaller ankles. But I’d recommend messing around with the configuration of the laces to see what’s most comfortable for you. You'd be amazed at the difference it can make for you on the ice.

Bauer's first crack at a thermoformable insole was a success, but there was room for improvement. The blue plastic is gone. The materials have been completely re-engineered to improve comfort and durability. Bauer Speed Plate 2.0 footbed provides the ultimate support and comes standard in every 2S Pro Skate. This insole alone has its own fit story and features, including:

  • Full thermoformable recovery alloy composite for fit customization.
  • Anatomical metatarsal support pad for enhanced power output.
  • Mid-density top foam covers high impact areas for premium comfort.
  • Easy trim to fit cut line indicators.
  • Enhance stabilizing grip applications further support the foot.

Overall, this footbed is a significant upgrade over Speed Plate 1.0. Time will tell how it holds up, but we think the steps taken to improve durability are solid.