Bauer Supreme 2S Pro


$191.99 $319.99
SKU: 180876310073

The new Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Grip Senior stick is the latest and greatest in the Supreme line-up. Featuring the Maximum Power Kick (MPK) flex profile and extended transfer zone, the 2S Pro maintains the high kick point following its predecessor the Supreme 1S to quickly load up power behind every slap shot and a faster recoil for snap shots.

The shaft of the 2S Pro remains with the square geometry and TeXtreme construction to offer the high quality, familiar feeling stick that is expected with the Bauer name. Inside the shaft is the new DuraFlex resin system to improve durability and strength for a more consistent flex and feel over the life of the stick. The continued Monocomp construction in Bauer sticks ensures consistency among stick production in a true one-piece stick.

A new key upgrade to the Supreme blade is the Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technology, which takes the fiber out of the back of the blade, moving it to the front and edges to reduce weight without sacrificing durability. The Supreme 2S Pro blade also features the Renewcore technology to reduce blade deflection and increased accuracy and power. The Renewcore blade acts as a filler in cracks and open seams within the blade, allowing the blade to last longer than in the past. The eLASTech technology and TeXtreme carbon blade also make for a lighter blade than the conventional carbon blade with enhanced durability and longer lasting 'pop' feel.

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