Bauer Supreme 2S Team INT


$84.99 $169.99
SKU: 180876360054

The Bauer Supreme 2S Team Grip Intermediate stick is designed with the trusted Supreme high kick point in the Maximum Power Kick flex profile. This will give you the maximum build up of power for slap shots and faster recoil for snap shops.

The Shaft of the 2S Team features the Carbon UD shaft technology, making a lightweight yet durable stick. The fused 2-piece construction shaft makes for a great feeling, long lasting shaft.

The blade on the Bauer 2S Team stick features the Aero Foam I technology and 3K carbon fiber for increased strength and feel of the puck. A new upgrade in the blade is the MaxBalance construction. The MaxBalance blade construction is similar to the ACL in the 2S Pro in that it reduces the overall weight without the sacrfice durability.

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