Bauer Supreme Elite 18' Jr.


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The Bauer Supreme Elite Junior skate keeps true to the fit of the Supreme line by providing an anatomical and snug fit. The quarter package has been upgraded to a 3-D Trueform tech PU material for increased stiffness and weight reduction. This construction uses anatomical thermoforming and when heated, the skate is formed giving the player a true 360-degree custom fit.

The outsole has been upgraded to a Fiber Composite material. This will enhance the rigidity of the skate and maximize the energy transfer in every stride.

The skate will also feature the same 2-piece tongue found on the S29. The Elite will use a 48oz tongue with an injected metatarsal guard.

The 2018 Elite will also feature a Hydrophobic liner, designed to keep your feet cool and wick away moisture. This will be combined with a Form-Fit insole for maximum comfort and support.

The Elite will continue to have the TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder for easy blade changes. The steel has been upgraded to a LS1 runner, for a longer lasting sharpening.

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