Bauer Supreme Elite Jr.


SKU: 170818380004

The Bauer Elite shin pads are based on the Bauer S150 with upgraded features from the Supreme S170. They are a Source for Sports exclusive model with added value and unique coloring to stick out from stock. The Supreme Elite protective line mimics the Supreme 1S and has the addition of white in the graphics. The supreme line provides a natural anatomical fit that keeps the protection close to the body to achieve maximum power and protection with every movement.

The Elite features an injected knee cap with venting to provide better airflow and shin cap is an injected anatomical fit as well with thermoformed ribs to better deflect pucks and disperse head on impacts. One big upgrade on the Elite is an added molded large PE insert in the calf wrap that extends fully around the back of the leg to keep you protected at all angles.

To fasten the pad, a two-strap system with an upper anchor strap locks the pad tight to the leg and a thick elastic bottom strap hold the calf wrap in place. Completing the fit, a hydrophobic mesh, grip liner runs along the inside and wick moisture away from the body while maintaining a tight fit. 

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