Bauer Supreme Elite

Bauer Supreme Elite

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This Source for Sports Exclusive product features elements from the top of the line skates in Bauer’s Supreme line at a margin of the cost. The Elite has elements of the S37 skate with the 40oz. felt tongue with mesh metatarsal guards and the S35 skate with it’s 3D Poly Carb boot construction that will help with the energy transfer from your stride into the ice. 

Skate Fit
Supreme continues to be the best fit option for skaters with a mid volume or slightly wider foot profile. A snug heel and thick ankle padding also contributes to the Elite fit by adding stability for all levels of skaters.

Boot Construction
Bauer has constructed the Supreme Elite with the focus on Performance level hockey players. Featuring the same quarter package as the S35 skate, the Elite also features Bauer’s 3D Poly Carb material which provides good stability into the skates while offering great ankle support.

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