Bauer Supreme M3

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Experience the next level of protection and performance with the new Supreme Mach protective line from Bauer for the 2023 season. The gear is designed to offer great protection against impact in all directions while still allowing for lots of maneuverability. The M3 is competitive-level equipment designed for comfort and safety while keeping to a more affordable price point. Features on the shoulder pads include a floating sternum, segmented spine, and AMP caps.

Shoulder Caps & Protection
The shoulder caps feature a low profile AMP design, or Active Motion Performance, which is an advanced technology incorporated into the shoulder caps to enhance mobility and responsiveness. These AMP caps are engineered to be lightweight and adapt dynamically to the player's range of motion, providing reliable protection against impacts while keeping the shoulder pads lightweight and responsive.

Sternum Protection
The floating sternum not only ensures a secure fit but also enables players to move freely and comfortably without feeling restricted. This unique design allows the sternum to move independently, adapting to the player's body movements during gameplay and keeping you protected at all angles.

Spine Protection
This segmented design allows the spine protection to adapt to the player's body, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The spine area also features a PE (Polyethylene) insert, which enhances the overall protection and impact resistance to safeguard players against potential injuries. Bauer also included a ventilated panel in the back panel to allow for increased aeration.

Bicep Protection
The Bauer M3 shoulder pads are equipped with adjustable biceps, allowing players to customize the fit to their preference. for enhanced comfort and mobility. This feature ensures a secure and snug fit around the bicep area for better overall protection, so players can focus on their game without distractions. Additionally, the bicep area incorporates molded PE (Polyethylene) protection, which offers reliable impact resistance against checks and collisions on the ice.

The pads use Bauer’s Thermomax sub liner, which is a moisture-wicking liner material designed to manage sweat and moisture efficiently. It helps keep players dry and comfortable throughout the game by wicking away moisture from the body and allowing it to evaporate quickly.

Abdominal Protection Piece
These shoulder pads include a removable abdominal protection piece.