Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Jr.

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Jr.

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Intro/New Features
Experience the next level of protection and performance with the new Supreme Mach protective line from Bauer for the 2023 season. The gear is designed to offer unparalleled protection against impact in all directions while still allowing for lots of maneuverability. Features on the M5 Pro include ShotBoost fingers, an ivory Pro Palm, and a new AMP cuff.

External Material
The gloves are constructed with a Pro Lite tex and cable mesh shell exterior, providing a combination of durability and breathability. The Pro Lite tex material offers excellent resistance against abrasions and wear, while the polyester mesh increases the glove’s durability and flexibility. The mesh construction allows for better airflow, promoting ventilation and reducing moisture buildup inside the glove. This feature helps keep the player's hands cool and comfortable during intense gameplay.

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