Bauer Supreme Matrix

Bauer Supreme Matrix

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This Source for Sports Exclusive product features elements from the top of the line skates in Bauer’s Supreme line at a margin of the cost. The Matrix comes with the classic pro felt tongue that can be found on the 3S Pro skate along with a high performing blade and runner combo in the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge and the LS5 Carbon Coated Steel giving you a leg up on the competition this season. 

Performance Skate Fit System
Bauer’s Performance Skate Fit System is a revolutionary new way to fit skates. The traditional D and EE widths have now been replaced by Fit 1, Fit 2, and Fit 3. This might sound a bit confusing, however this will give you more skate options to wear in the Bauer family of skates, ultimately providing you with the perfect fitting skate.

Previously you made Bauer skate purchases based on the “Vapor Fit”, “Supreme Fit”, or “Nexus Fit”. Now all 3 skate fits are available to wear with “Supreme Features”, or “Vapor features”, whichever aligns with your preference. Below is how the new Bauer Skate Fit System compares to previous years of Bauer Skates. 

  • Fit 1 = Low Volume, Narrow Width (closest aligned to the Vapor fit profile)
  • Fit 2 = Medium Volume, Medium Width (closest aligned to the Supreme fit profile)
  • Fit 3 = High Volume, Wide Width (closest aligned to the Nexus fit profile)
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