Bauer Supreme Matrix 16'


SKU: 16076323

The Bauer Matrix skates are a Source for Sports model based off of the Bauer S180 skates with added performance upgrades from the S190 and chrome logos on the boot. The Matrix skates keep true to the fit of the Supreme line by providing an anatomical and snug fit. The quarter package of the boot has been upgraded to that of the 1S and S190 and uses 3D lasted Titanium Curv composite.

This construction uses anatomical thermoforming and when heated, the skate is formed giving the player a true 360-degree custom fit. A hydra-max liner wicks moisture away from the for a more comfortable feel and around the ankle on the inside of the boot, lightweight memory foam pads replaces traditional anaform foam for a personal fit and mould.

The Matrix skates also feature an upgraded tongue from the S190. They utilize a Form-Fit+ 3-piece combination 52oz/40oz white felt construction along with an injected metatarsal guard to protect your foot from lace bite and binding while keeping a focus on weight reduction. Bauer has also upgraded the outsole of the boot for better torsional resistance, and uses the lightweight composite outsole found on the S190 to add performance.

As well, the Matrix feature LS3 Edge steel, an upgrade from the LS2 that the S180 skates come standard with. Overall, the Bauer Matrix skates are packed full of upgraded performance. Combine that with an awesome graphic and you have an instant best seller! Source Exclusive upgrades include LS3 Edge steel, a Titanium Curv composite quarter package, chrome logos, a lightweight composite outsole, the S190 Form-Fit+ 3-piece tongue, added abrasion pads to the liner and a narrower ‘C’ width. 

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