Bauer Supreme Matrix


$79.99 $129.99
SKU: 170818310063

The Bauer Supreme Matrix gloves are a Source for Sports exclusive model based on the Bauer Supreme S170 gloves with upgraded features taken from the 1S and Supreme S190 gloves. An anatomical fit stays true to the Supreme line offering a tight fit through the fingers and palm of the glove and widening at the cuff to allow for better wrist mobility. Also adding to the mobility of the glove, a segmented cuff enables additional mobility by flexing each piece individually so as not to restrict.

Adding value to the glove, the protection, and mobility of the fingers have been upgraded. The index finger was changed be a three-piece setup, allowing for better grip on the stick, and PE inserts have been added in addition to the dual density foams used to protect. As well, PE inserts were added to the side of the pinky offering protection at all angles. To protect the rest of the glove, dual density foam runs the length of the hand and into the cuff and cuff roll to ensure impact protection. Patented two-piece flex thumb also enables mobility when keeping you protected.

Another big upgrade is the palm of the glove which uses a high-quality Quattro+ palm powered by AX Suede with as a grey Nash overlay in high-stress areas for added durability. The triple-blend construction of the Quattro+ palm provides an exceptionally soft feel with superior abrasion properties. Also, enhanced moisture management keeps your hands dry and the triple blend construction actually resists water intake making it less prone to cracking and that awful stiff feeling of dry palms. As well, the palm is offered in five different team colors and the standard ivory seen in the APX2.

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