Bauer Supreme Matrix Jr.


SKU: 170822460020

A Source for Sports exclusive model, based off of the S190. The Bauer Supreme Matrix pants offer a natural, close to the body fit to enhance the efficiency of all hockey movements with upgrades from the 1S to add value. A two-piece system incorporates a girdle & shell (ACP) to offer a fully adjustable fit both in the waist and legs and upgraded protection that moves as you move. The outer shell is fully removable, so if you wear pant shells with your team you can swap them in and reduce the overall weight. Upgraded to a 1S shell with the Matrix adaptable core, the shell offers pro-level nylon with high-end abrasion resistant 400d nylon pants through the hip and thigh as well as stretch leg gussets and leg zippers and additional stretch materials in flex panels for better mobility. The shells fastens to the core with Velcro closures around the waist and tightens with a cinch strap and Velcro panel.

Protection-wise, the girdle itself features a spine guard made up of HD foam and a PE insert for lightweight protection from even the hardest impacts. As well, the thigh guards offer adjustments to tighten or loosen the overall fit of the leg openings and are made up of a molded MD foam with molded PE inserts to better sit on the thigh. The hip pads use Bauer's molded MD foam to better disperse impacts away from the hip joint and reduce board burns. To top it off, the kidney protection features molded PE inserts for a better, tighter wrap to the body and MD foam for comfortable protection.

The girdle tightens at the waist with a Velcro closure as well as the above-mentioned adjustments in the leg and cinches up with the shell using a dual-ended webbed strap. The interior of the Matrix is lined with Bauer's Thermo Max lining, which offers high-end moisture wicking capabilities to keep you cool and comfortable while playing. 

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