Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Jr.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Jr.

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The Bauer Supreme GS Shin Guard is a limited edition from Bauer that boasts an iconic look like no other shin guard on the market while being loaded with performance, protection, and mobility for the competitive player. 


While the green sci-fi camo pattern sets you apart in the locker room, the AMP split cap design gives you the edge on the ice. With two added hinge points on the shin shell, the Supreme GS allows players to get deeper strides and sharper turns to maximize power output..all without sacrificing gaps in protection.


Bauer built the knee cap with a deeper fit so that protection sits closer to the body which improves comfort and coverage. The calf guard features standard foam with a plastic insert to provide players with lightweight protection.


Internally, Bauer used their Thermo Max liner that's detailed with amazing sublimated graphics and built with a super soft cushion foam. It also excels at wicking away sweat and moisture to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the game.