Bauer Vapor 1X


SKU: 16076095

Sporting an entirely different look, the Vapor 1X shin guards have a sleek looking black design with a tapered fit. The tapered fit means there is a wider fit at the knee which tapers down into a slimmer ankle area. What makes this shin pad really stand out is going to be the integration of both Curv composite and AEROLITE technology, with the utilization of these materials the 1X’s protective properties meets pro level standards all while remaining lightweight for ultimate mobility.

AEROLITE is a high grade foam with ultra-lightweight properties that offers pro level impact protection, on the 1X this foam is virtually a part of every aspect of the pad found in the shin cap, calf guard, knee wing, and thigh protector. Curv composite is that same material you will find composing the quarter of the 1X skates, it is exceptionally high in stiffness and strength while again having feather light properties. Curv was added to the shin cap to beef up the protection without adding the “beef”.

As far as mobility goes the 1X was designed for quick and agile skaters, this was achieved with a Free Flex shin cap and liner. Each component is able to move with the natural movements of the body for an extremely comfortable and low profile fit.

All new to the 1X pad is going to be transfer mesh technology. This breathable fabric enhances the 37.5 technology liner found on the inside to maximize air flow through the equipment in key heating zones. This will keep the shin lightweight and moisture free.

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