Bauer Vapor 1X


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The Bauer Vapor 1X pants are engineered for optimum player performance by taking fit, stance and stride into consideration. The pants are constructed with a standard fit through the waist and a close to the body fit through the legs. This allows for quick, agile movements and an unrestricted stride. The 1X Pants take protection to a whole new level with the addition of Curv composite. Bauer has also improved on the fit with features such as suspender buttons and an internal belt system.

Using leg zippers and stretch zone to add to mobility, the 1X also comes with 840 Denier nylon overlays to reduce abrasions in key zones such as the hips and thighs. The kidney, spine and hip protection is constructed with AEROLITE foam technology to provide better impact properties and reduce the weight of the pant in those zones by 30%. As well, the spine and dome construction hip pads use Curv composite to increase protective properties in key impact areas. The thigh pads of the pant protect with molded AEROLITE and Curv technologies. These pads offer uncompromised protect at all angles and a better feeling on the thigh.

The pant is lined with transfer mesh and a 37.5 technology liner to work as you sweat to reduce odor and keep you dry all game. To fasten, the 1X uses a skate lace closure system and an inner belt lock system that secures the pant closer to the body to minimize rotation and slipping. As well for better post purchase customization, the pants offer an extension fit system that allows for 1” of additional length and comes stock with suspender buttons. 

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