Bauer Vapor 1X Lite


SKU: 17085021

Designed to be Bauer's most advanced shoulder pad yet, the VAPOR 1X Lite Junior Shoulder Pads feature innovative Curv composite with AEROLITE 2.0 lightweight technology, resulting in advanced impact protection and increased mobility.


  • Curv Composite: Ultra-lightweight CURV composite is thermoformable and provides a custom fit with exceptional comfort and responsive control
  • 37.5 Technology: Stay cool and dry with 37.5 Technology. This revolutionary technology evaporates sweat, creating the fastest drying fabric in hockey
  • Sanitized Technology: Sanitized odor-resistant treatment protects against bacterial and fungal growth for enhanced odor control
  • AEROLITE 2.0: Increases protective properties in key impact zones while reducing overall weight
  • Free Flex Tech: Stickhandle and shoot more freely with the adjustable Free Flex bicep and arch, dispersing impacts without restraining movement.


  • SP Cap: Low profile with AEROLITE 2.0
  • Sternum: Floating construction with Curv Composite
  • Front Side Panel: Independent side panels with molded HYPERLITE foam
  • Spine: Floating construction with Curv Composite
  • Back Side Panel: Independent side panels, performated foam/HYPERLITE foam in rib area
  • Arch: Free Flex with HD foam
  • Bicep: Adjustable Free Flex with Curve Composite
  • Liner: 37.5 Technology and Sanitized Technology

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