Bauer Vapor 1X Lite


SKU: 17083401

Introducing the newest Vapor generation of sticks, the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite. This true one-piece constructed stick features an all new Advanced Carbon Layering system. The 1X Lite’s 13% thinner carbon layers in the blade make it significantly lighter than previous generations. The 1X Lite’s blade also feature optimized carbon fiber placement in specific regions to enhance and maximize blade strength. This added weight and durability equates to an 11% faster release than the previous generation of Vapor sticks. The shaft of the 1X Lite features Bauer’s QRT Plus Technology, a tapered design with reinforced fibres for added stability. The QRT Plus Technology gives the 1X Lite a 20% increase in stability vs. the previous generation 1X Stick. The shaft of the 1X Lite also features TeXtreme Technology, a super lightweight material that creates a responsive yet durable stick. eLASTech fibres prevent cracks from spreading keeping the stick’s durability over a longer period of time. The new Vapor 1X Lite is designed to maximize your release and get your shot to the net faster than ever.

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