Bauer Vapor 1X Lite


$125.99 $179.99
SKU: 170850220023

New for 2018, Bauer continues their line of aesthetic lightweight tapered fit elbow pads with the 1X Lite. This Bauer 1X senior elbow pad takes the same lightweight tapered design as the 2017 1X, and adds some better materials and overall weight reductions to refine the elbow pad immensely.

The new AEROLITE 2.0 cap 1-piece tapered fit and Curv composite protection decreases the overall weight of the pad up to 25% while maintaining and elite level of lightweight protective properties. The Free Flex construction as well as the Y-shape comfort middle strap allows for maximized mobility without sacrificing any protection keeping you feeling light and mobile on the ice.

The Vapor 1X Lite also offers 37.5? sanitized technology liner carried over from the 2017 1X model. 37.5 technology along with the new transfer mesh accelerates the evaporation of the sweat process by maximizing the airflow through the equipment in key heat zones making it the fastest drying fabric on the market today. This technology regulates your body temperature at an ideal level, warranting more energy to put back into your game.

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