Bauer Vapor X Shift '16


SKU: 16076702

The Bauer Vapor X Shift shoulder pads are a Source for Sports exclusive model based on the Bauer X900 shoulder pads which feature an exclusive graphic and upgraded protection. The Vapor line of protective gear provides a tapered fit profile, with a wider fit at the top through the shoulders and a standard fit through the bottom of the pad.

The shoulder caps, sternum, front and back kidney panels of the X Shift all feature AEROLITE technology padding, helping to reduce the weight of the pad by up to 30% in those areas. In addition to the AEROLITE technology padding, the sternum of the pad also features HD Foam for added impact protection.

For spinal protection the X Shift offers HD foam and a PE insert to added rigidity and stiffness against repeated impacts and cross checks. Moving to the arms, the X Shift utilizes Bauer’s two-piece free flex bicep guards with a height adjustment to provide protection along the arms.

The body of the shoulder pad also features Bauer’s free flex technology with 4-way movement to better wrap around your body offering protection to your ribs and kidneys.

To finish the pad, Bauer has upgraded the liner to feature 37.5 technology accelerating air flow in key heat zones to aid with moisture management. Source for Sports exclusive upgrades include a 37.5 technology liner and a black graphic similar to the 1X pad. 

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