Bauer Vapor X Shift


SKU: 17081958

An upgraded tongue taken from the X900 boot offers the ability to maximize fit of the skate locking down the foot. While not compromising the ability to maintain forward flexion during striding. With this tongue being accompanied by the anatomical heel and lightweight dual density foam ankle padding. A molded poly metatarsal guard in the tongue defends your foot from lace bite and binding and allows the laces to slide up and down on the tongue without biting into a certain area.
As well, another upgraded feature the new Lock Fit liner wicks away moisture from your foot to keep you cool, dry and stable while performing at your top level. The outsole is also upgraded from the Bauer Vapor X900 and is made up of a full lightweight composite material to provide rigidity while striding. Making for a stronger and consistent energy transfer. Lastly upgraded Tuuk LS2 steel from the Bauer X800 provides a longer lasting sharpening and better edges with an elite mix of materials.
Source Exclusive upgrades include a Lock Fit+ liner, a full composite outsole, a 48/40 oz. dual density combination felt tongue, Tuuk LS2 as well as a changed abrasion pad inside the boot and an updated graphic to match the Bauer Vapor X900.

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