Bauer Vapor X Shift '16


SKU: 16076703

Based on the Vapor X900 series of protective gear, Bauer's Source Exclusive Vapor X:Shift line is a step above with enhancements to keep your equipment even more secure and comfortable during every game. Vapor X:Shift hockey gear from Bauer. Available exclusively at Source For Sports. We Know Our Stuff.


  • Shoulder Cap: AEROLITE technology

  • Top Sternum: HD foam

  • Bottom Sternum: AEROLITE technology

  • Spinal: HD foam + PE insert

  • Front Side Panels: AEROLITE technology

  • Back Kidney Panels: AEROLITE technology

  • Bicep Guard: AEROLITE technology and MD foam

  • Arch: HD foam

  • Belly Pad: Removable MD foam


  • Overall Fit: Tapered

  • Free Flex Components: Free Flex bicep guard and arch support

  • Base Body: 4-way Free Flex chest

  • Liner: 37.5 Technology


  • Upgraded to 37.5 Liner

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