Bauer Vapor X Shift '16


SKU: 16076695

The Bauer Vapor X Shift shin pads are a Source for Sports exclusive model based on the Vapor X900 shin pads which offer upgraded protection along with a unique graphic. The Vapor line of shin pads feature a tapered fit profile, with a wider fit at the top and a standard fit through the lower portion of the shin shell.

The shell of the pad features an injected knee cap with vents and a thermoformed ribbed free-flex shin cap to allow full motion in your stride. The thigh, knee wing and calf guard are all made up of AEROLITE technology foam to maintain impact dispersion and reduce weight in those areas by up to 30%. The knee wing has been upgraded from stock and replaced with the knee wing from the 1X.

The X Shift fastens with an upgraded strapping system featuring a two strap system which holds the pad tight to the leg with two anchor straps to reduce rotation and lock in the fit. To finish, the X Shift uses 37.5 technology liner improving the evaporation process of sweat by maximizing air flow in key heat zones.

Source for Sports exclusive upgrades include an AEROLITE Technology knee wing, a two strap fastening system with dual anchor straps and a black graphic similar to the 1X. 

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