Bauer Vapor X Shift


SKU: 17081959

The skate offers a traditional vapor fit with tapered forefoot and a tightened heel. A Fiber Composite+ shell offers good durability and the thermoformed X-Rib heel pattern provides the tighter fit in the heel and ankles help to reduce slipping and movement.

An upgraded tongue provides better comfort and protection with a three piece black felt and high-density metatarsal padding on the front of the tongue also helps protect the foot from lace bite and allows the laces to slide up and down the tongue without binding. The ankle padding of the skate features anaform foam to offer a better and more comfortable fit after a heat mould.

Another upgraded feature, the Hydra-Max mesh liner wicks away moisture from your foot to keep you cool and dry. The fused Lightspeed Pro holder and Super Stainless steel combination keeps the boot lightweight and maintains a sharp edge for longer.

Source Exclusive upgrades include a Hydra-Max mesh liner from the Vapor 1X Skate.

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