Bauer Vapor X Velocity '16


SKU: 16076692

The Bauer X Velocity gloves are a Source for Sports exclusive model based on the Bauer X800 gloves which feature added performance and durability upgrades. The X Velocity provides the same Vapor fit as standard models with a wider cuff opening and a standard fit through the finger.

The vapor line is designed to provide maximum control, ample wrist movement and an unmatched feel. The gloves feature a dynamic flex cuff to provide better mobility when stick handling and shooting and also use a synthetic leather and cable mesh construction to provide a great look at a minimal weight.

On the inside of the glove a Thermo Max liner wicks moisture away from your hands to keep you cool and comfortable. Protecting the hand, double density foam and PE inserts run throughout the glove along the back of the hand and fingers. The fingers also feature upgraded protection with PE block in addition to the inserts and foam.

The side of the glove offers a two pinky ‘warts’ for added protection and the foam has been upgraded to include PE inserts as well ensuring you are always protected. On the other side, between your hand and the stick, an upgraded AX Suede Quattro grip palm offers a great mix of feel and durability and color matches to your gloves and team.

A black nash overlay runs along the palm in high wear areas providing a second layer of resistance increasing the overall durability.

Source for Sports upgrades include an upgraded AX Suede Quattro team colored palm, added PE inserts to the pinky protection and added PE blocks in the fingers.

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