Bauer Vapor X Velocity Grip '16


$109.00 $119.99
SKU: 16076793

The Bauer 1X Velocity is based off of the Bauer Vapor X700 and has many of the same features. Micro Feel II shaft dimension and Pure Shot blade profile are found throughout the Bauer Vapor lineup as is the QRT Taper Technology in all of the new sticks except the Bauer X Select. Instead of the dual density blade core that is in the Vapor X700, the Velocity has an upgraded 12K blade with peel ply finish instead of the matte finish. Corner Tactile has also been added to the griptac to give the stick a nice feel.

Source Exclusive Upgrades include an added 12K Blade with Peel Ply Finish for added feel and durability. Griptac Finish with Corner Tactile on the shaft increase grip and feel. The graphics on the stick are inspired from the Bauer Vapor X800.

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