Bauer Vapor X700 Lite


SKU: 18087734

The 2018 Bauer Vapor X700 Lite GripTac ice hockey stick is an excellent option for the performance-level player looking for maximum value at an accessible price point. Key stick upgrades combined with advancements in blade technology push the X700 to the front of its class.

  • Micro Feel II shaft technology for a comfortable, contoured feel
  • Upgraded unidirectional carbon fiber composite for lightweight response
  • R2 Resin System for enhanced response and durability
  • QRT Taper for low kick-point and ultra-fast shot release
  • Pure Shot blade profile for stability
  • Upgraded BiMax 3X flat carbon weave for enhanced strength
  • MaxBalance technology for reduced blade weight
  • Aero Foam I blade core for superior puck feel

Bauer uses the Vapor signature Micro Feel II shaft dimension technology in the X700, with deep, concave sidewalls and rounded corners for a comfortable, contoured feel in the hands. The construction of the X700 is a fused two-piece design that’s been upgraded with a full carbon, unidirectional composite. This unidirectional composite is similar to past generations of Easton sticks, and is lightweight and responsive. The R2 resin system is another upgraded feature that’s also more responsive and more durable than in the X600 system.

Bauer introduces their QRT Taper to the X700 stick. The QRT technology benefits from aggressive geometry that helps keep the kick-point very low for a deadly quick shot release—ideal for players looking to get a shot off as quickly as possible, and who generate shot power primarily with their wrists.

The Pure Shot blade profile helps keep the blade face square to the target for heavy shots, giving players nice stability in the blade. The blade includes another upgraded feature, the BimaX 3K carbon fiber. The BimaX 3K carbon comes in a flat weave that’s stronger and more durable than the traditional weave found in many other sticks.

For the X700 blade construction, Bauer provides a big upgrade with their MaxBalance technology, removing 15 ounces from the blade alone for an extremely light feel and an elevated balance point. Inside the blade sits Bauer’s durable Aero Foam I blade core that, together with the MaxBalance technology, provides excellent puck feel.

The senior version of the X700 is 448 grams. That’s 20 grams lighter than the previous year’s model, and the stick costs the same. Fold in the new MaxBalance technology, and the performance-level player gets a lot more value over last year’s stick for the same price. Win.

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