Bauer Vapor XSelect Grip '16


$69.99 $74.99
SKU: 16076794

The Bauer X Select sticks are based on the Bauer Vapor X600 sticks with upgrades from the X700 sticks to add performance and durability. In addition, the X Select sticks feature an exclusive graphic based on the elite Vapor 1X stick.

These sticks are available in senior, junior and intermediate and feature an upgraded grip application to provide better control on the ice. The stick uses a fused two-piece construction to reduce costs and fuses a constructed shaft to the blade to create a one-piece stick. The shaft of the stick is made with carbon composite and features micro feel II dimensions for a better feel on the hands and has an upgraded tac spiral grip.

The X Select uses a low kick point to allow for quick shots and a faster release. Moving down to the blade of the stick, a PU core dampens vibrations and provide rigidity when shooting and is wrapped in an upgraded 3K BiMax carbon composite which aids with durability.

The X Select also features a pure shot blade profile to allow for a more accurate shot every time. Source for Sports exclusive upgrades include a tac spiral grip application, added 3K BiMax carbon to the blade and a graphic resembling the elite 1X stick.

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