Brian's G-Netik IV Pro

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  • The Brian's G-NETik 4 Pro senior goalie leg pads bring Brian's leading edge technologies and innovations to the G-NETik line and goalies that are a fan of a softer more flexible feel. While the Opt1k line took the goalie world by storm, it left Brian's goalies that were looking for a more traditional pad without something to go to.
  • The G-NETik 4 Pro goal pads have moved back to Brian's traditional numbered flex point system to allow for a more precise flex pattern especially when ordering custom. The G-NETik 4 Pro pads come stock with a 1-3-4 break, which would be similar to a single break pad in a traditional core.
  • One of the core features of the G-NETik 4 leg pad, especially when compared to the Opt1k is the amount of torsional flex the pad has. TFT (Torsional Flex Technology) allows the G-NETik 4 to move much more freely than the solid core Opt1k, and helps those goalies more dependent on their mobility get the freedom they need to be in the right position at the right time. This flexibility comes without sacrificing the modern, lace-less, flat faced look and Primo sliding surface that the Opt1k brought to goaltenders everywhere.
  • The G-NETik 4 Pro also features a simplified smart strapping system so the pad is the quickest Brian's pad ever to take off and put on. The simplified strapping is also paired with a new Smart Cord toes strap which offers much more flex than the standard Smart Strap toe, further protecting the goalies hips and knees.
  • The marriage between Brian's newest innovations and their more flexible pad construction brings the top level Made in Canada quality goalies expect to a much wider range of goaltenders.