Brian's Optik 2 Pro

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The Brian's Optik 2 pad can be custom built with 3 different cores:

  • FLX - designed for hybrid goalies who prefer a goal pad with greater flexibility throughout.
  • FLY - geared for the butterfly style, this core is designed with a flexible boot and the stiffer feel above the knee. 
  • MAX - redesigned core provides the stiffest Optik core option above the knee to ensure rigidity while offering a flexible boot.

Streamlined Outer Roll - Reduces the overall size of the outer roll, not only provides a weight savings, but allows for greater visibility while tracking the puck in close.

E-Foam Technology - Lightweight foam used throughout pro products.

Pro 2 Knee Pad System - Compatible with included Pro 2 knee pad, can be worn attached to pad or independent.