CCM Custom Support Insoles - Medium


SKU: 13061508

Your Foot Is A Sensor
By providing full contact to the foot’s sole, the myofascial structure of the foot is fully activated stimulating greater reaction in the foot muscles for enhanced speed.

  • Top Layer
    [1] Breathable fabric that allows moisture to diffuse sweat into the middle layer.
  • Middle Layer
    [2] Freeflex memory foam absorbs moisture and reduces odor. The foam adapts to the contours of your foot improving fit.
  • Base Layer
    [3] curEVA: a unique shock absorbing material that provides optimum cushioning.
    [4] “RPD” System: Rivet Pressure Distribution, optimizing forefoot comfort and reducing stress.
    Dynamic arch cradle (DAC)
    [5] Designed to redistribute pressure evenly and stabilize excessive movements which lead to injury. The DAC differs in density, shape and responsiveness dependent on foot type and length.

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