CCM Extreme Flex 6 Total Pro Custom

CCM Extreme Flex 6 Total Pro Custom

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Beyond simple protection, the EFLEX 6 blocker lets you deflect pucks and make plays with the utmost precision. With its top-of-the-line Litecore high-density blocking board design combined with the mobility-focused Flexmotion 2 cuff, it's built for the multi-purpose performance you need. The Durapalm technology and ergonomic fit give you incredible feel and responsiveness—giving you the edge when deflecting and playing the puck.

  • D30®

CCM Extreme Flex 6 Total Custom Pro Senior Goalie Blocker lets you take control and deflect pucks out with precision and powerful direction. With a greater range of motion and a strong, lightweight design, it’s built to track down and punch out every shot that comes your way.

Starting with the board of the blocker, the EFlex 6 features an all new Litecore with HD foam design, designed to offer lightweight balance and powerful rebounds off the face of the blocker. The all new Litecore design offers CCM’s lightest material to date.

Around to the sidewall, the Extreme Flex 6 features a molded X-stiff sidewall to offer unmatched high impact protection and strength. A straight finger protection allows for full range of motion. The finger protectors feature an HD foam wrap combined with D3O protection for enhanced protection from stray pucks and sticks.

The Eflex 6 offers a centered palm position for a balanced feelcoupled with a Dura palm with Polygiene and Odor Crunch technology offer an Ax Suede and Suregrip design for enhanced feel and comfort with added odor management. Finally at the wrist, the FlexMotion2 system features strategic segmentation and adjustability to maximize range of motion.

Compared to the CCM Total Custom, Total Custom Pro will offer more color and spec options to truly make your set your own.

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