CCM Jetspeed


SKU: 17085069

The CCM Jetspeed Intermediate sticks were developed for the speed of today's game. The Jetspeed stick features a hybrid kick point, improved geometry and optimized Jetstream blade. The hybrid kick point creates a power hinge effect by sandwiching a softer upper shaft and lower taper zone around a stiffer mid shaft. This generates greater power and increased speed.

The shaft of the Jetspeed Stick features an improved geometry with double concave dimensions. Similar to the traditional 'T-geometry', the shaft features rounded corners to fit in the hand better, and now has a convex top and bottom and concave sides to improve control. The shaft taper has also been seamlessly integrated to the blade for a optimized release. Finishing off the shaft, CCM uses a Sigmatex composite technology. This technology is not only ultra-lightweight, but also extremely strong because of it's high tension weaving process.

Moving from the shaft and into the blade, the CCM Jetspeed INT stick incorporates a Jetstream blade construction to improve the feel and consistency. This construction features a multi-channel internal construction which creates a more consistent feel when handling the puck, and a proprietary dampening material around the outside of the blade to make it more responsive.

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